Dance A Lot Presents: Student Spotlight – PattyAnn Romanik

Pattyann & Georgi Kanev at the Empire Dancesport Championships 2022



Here’s her story.

Please tell us in a few words how did you discover Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio?*

My husband arranged for lessons for a birthday gift for me

At what age have you started dancing?

51+ years old

Have you been dancing before?

Yes took ballet lessons as a child

How long have you been taking dance lessons at Dance A Lot?

6 1/2 years

What are the main reason/s you chose ballroom dancing?

I love to dance and it is such a beautiful form of dancing

What do you find challenging about ballroom dancing?

I takes a lot of muscle control to dance, not as easy as it looks

What are your favorite ballroom styles, dance/s and why?

Fox Trot – very 1940’s, I also enjoy West Coast Swing

How has ballroom dancing benefited your life?

Better balance and coordination

What is your favorite part of your weekly lessons?  

I love to learn new dance steps and dances

Do you have other hobbies besides dancing?

I love to bake, do crafts and home decorating

Have you competed and what is your favorite part about competitions? 

Yes, I have. You have the opportunity to learn a lot by watching other dancers

Have you performed a Showcase? Do you have a favorite story or a funny moment from one (or maybe few) of them? 🙂

Yes, I love to be able to become the character in the story from the song you’re dancing to

Describe Dance A Lot with three words 🙂

Best people ever

Will you recommend Dance A Lot to other people?

I have recommended Dance a Lot many times and will continue to

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