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Dance A Lot Presents: Student Spotlight – Judy Ulmer

Ballroom dance competitions are a great way to experience ballroom dancing on a more fun and exciting level.



There are many reasons why people enjoy the benefits of ballroom dancing.

Here are Judy’s.

Please tell us in a few words how did you discover Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio?*

I was taking Argentine Tango lessons on a holiday in Argentina, Buenos Aires. When I returned I wanted to find a non-franchise dance studio. I went online and found Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio in Fair Lawn.

At what age have you started dancing?

51+ years old

Have you been dancing before?


How long have you been taking dance lessons at Dance A Lot?

17 years

What are the main reason/s you chose ballroom dancing?

I wanted to engage in an activity that brought me joy and yet was challenging. Exercise in a gym did not give me any pleasure. I feel that private lessons with an excellent teacher has been rewarding on many levels.

What do you find challenging about ballroom dancing?

Everything about ballroom dancing is challenging. From the body positioning, to the rules of where the shoulders are supposed to be, to the hand movements and of course to the legs all require work. For me, the pleasure comes from laughing at my mistakes to enjoying the comments of my professional teacher. A simple ‘that’s good, Judy’ is enough for me!

What are your favorite ballroom styles, dance/s and why?

Rumba is the most challenging dance because it is slow and for me, requires the most concentration. The beauty of executing any step is so rewarding and the music for rumba is exquisite. Cha Cha Cha makes me smile while Argentine Tango is more serious. For the biggest smile, the dance is the bachata.

How has ballroom dancing benefited your life?

I am pleased that I never gave up on learning Latin dances. I’m not a quitter and for the past eight years I’ve enjoyed taking lessons from George at the studio. I think dancing has contributed to my overall sense of well being. It also keeps me feeling very young.

What is your favorite part of your weekly lessons?  

I do not consider myself an accomplished dancer but I do think I am a serious student. I’ve always loved learning, whether it was in college, on my own or from others who are experts in their field.

Do you have other hobbies besides dancing?

I play classical piano and have a deep understanding of this music genre.

Have you competed and what is your favorite part about competitions? 


Have you performed a Showcase? Do you have a favorite story or a funny moment from one (or maybe few) of them? 🙂

Yes, I have performed in Showcases. Most of them were very enjoyable but I do get nervous.

Dancing Stars is a Annual Ballroom Dance Showcase hosted by Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio in Fair Lawn, NJ

Describe Dance A Lot with three words 🙂

Professional Welcoming Delightful

Will you recommend Dance A Lot to other people?

I have recommend the studio and will continue to recommend it.

Dancing Stars - Annual Dance Showcase hosted by Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio in Fair Lawn, NJ

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