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Dance A Lot Presents: Student Spotlight – Bonnie Probert

Bonnie Probert and Georgi Kanev - American Waltz



Remarkably, she’s 82 years young and dancing has truly enriched her life. Here’s her story.

Please tell us in a few words how did you discover Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio?*

George was my teacher at another studio before he and Adi opened their own studio, so I started at Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio from the very beginning.

At what age have you started dancing?

51+ years old

Have you been dancing before?

Yes but never had lessons.

How long have you been taking dance lessons at Dance A Lot?

From the first day the studio opened. Approximately 15 years.

What are the main reason/s you chose ballroom dancing?

A friend asked if I would go with her to take lessons and since I loved to dance I said yes! She dropped out after 4 months and so did I, but after 5 months, I returned because I missed it!

What do you find challenging about ballroom dancing?

Remembering the choreography!

What are your favorite ballroom styles, dance/s and why?

Rhythm-Rumba, ChaCha, Swing, and Balero, which is my favorite because they are more fun.

How has ballroom dancing benefited your life?

First of all the socializing has been very beneficial! I have more friends than ever since I started dancing. Dancing helps me stay fit and in shape. It is also good for the mind…there is a lot to remember.

What is your favorite part of your weekly lessons?  

Learning new choreography for Showcases and laughing a lot.

Do you have other hobbies besides dancing?

Yes…gardening, knitting, and reading

Have you competed and what is your favorite part about competitions? 

Yes I have competed many times. Favorite part —the dancing!!

Have you performed a Showcase? Do you have a favorite story or a funny moment from one (or maybe few) of them? 🙂

I have performed many Showcases, around 20. The one that comes to mind is dancing as Carmen Miranda to a song sung by Carmen. The best part was when George plucked a banana from my headdress( a real one) and started eating it!

Bonnie Probert dancing "Carmen" with her teacher Georgi Kanev

Describe Dance A Lot with three words 🙂

My happy place❤️

Will you recommend Dance A Lot to other people?


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