Dance A Lot Presents: Student Spotlight – Mary Serico

Mary Serico dancing with her teacher Georgi Kanev from Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio



Different people have different reasons why they dance. Here’s Mary’s story.

Please tell us in a few words how did you discover Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio?*

Previous student of Georgi

At what age have you started dancing?

51+ years old

Have you been dancing before?

Yes, I took ballet lessons as a child

How long have you been taking dance lessons at Dance A Lot?

17 years

What are the main reason/s you chose ballroom dancing?

Anything but waltz and foxtrot because I feel like a bull in a china shop when I dance them with my husband and most of the waltz and foxtrot music does not interest me.

What do you find challenging about ballroom dancing?

My challenge is that I expect to do the dance perfectly the first time and need to keep practicing and practicing. Ballroom dancing has made me more aware of my body as a whole and I have a whole group of dance friends that I would have never met.

How has ballroom dancing benefited your life?


What is your favorite part of your weekly lessons?  

Feeling like I accomplished something and being stress free.

Do you have other hobbies besides dancing?

Golf, photography, cross stitch, traveling, chocolate making

Have you competed and what is your favorite part about competitions? 

It makes me a better dancer and makes me concentrate on the little details that I would not give enough time/practice/attention.

Have you competed and what is your favorite part about competitions? 

I prefer doing showcases at competitions.

Have you performed a Showcase? Do you have a favorite story or a funny moment from one (or maybe few) of them? 🙂

Yes, too many to count. Lifeguard – judges and audience were shocked when Joe and Georgi ripped off their long pants to dance in their bathing suits. HIt Me with your best shot at Millennium – Georgi’s wrestling belt came off at the beginning of the showcase in the middle of the dance floor. I was supposed to steal it from him at the end of the showcase – had to do some quick improvising.

Describe Dance A Lot with three words 🙂

Welcoming, fun and experienced

Will you recommend Dance A Lot to other people?


Mary Serico & Georgi Kanev dancing at Dance A Lot's Annual Showcase "Dancing Stars"

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