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Social Dance Parties – What Are They?

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As with every new skill, whether it is driving a car, riding a bike, or learning how to type, regular practice helps you develop, master, and enjoy your new skill. And it is no different when it comes to learning how to dance.

The key to improving your dancing is taking regular dance lessons. But there is one extra activity that can boost your dance confidence and that is Social Dance Practice Parties.

What is a Social Practice Party?

In a nutshell — it is a social gathering at Dance A Lot, where you, your teacher, and other students and teachers, practice what you’ve been working on during your lessons at the studio. Everyone comes to the party for a different reason, whether it is to practice for a competition, try their new steps, test their musicality or feel more confident at an upcoming event. One thing unites them all — they all want to have fun dancing.

Social Parties are meetings in a comfortable environment with like-minded people. They provide unique opportunities for beginning dancers with just a few lessons under their belt as well as for dance veterans to have a beneficial and memorable experience.

Parties at Dance A Lot are always fun and entertaining and are a valuable part of the learning process. Here is what you can expect:

  • Stressless Setting

Dance parties at Dance A Lot will help you destress and relax for an hour and 40 minutes. There is no judgment of your dancing skills by other students, for they all have been in your place. You will be able to dance with all levels of dancers as well as the teachers. All you need to do is just show up and be ready to dance. 🙂

Meet New People

As social creatures, we need to be around other people. At Social Parties, you will meet new friendly faces or reconnect with old friends who you haven’t seen for a while. Dancing is amazing — it connects people together and creates lifelong friendships.

  • Theme Parties

To keep things interesting, some practice parties have a theme. For example, we can ask our guests to wear all white, or we can have a Hawaiian theme and ask them to wear a Hula skirt (just joking.) 😀 Sometimes we have a Karaoke Night — these are lots of fun. You’re not required to go along with the theme but it’s a fun thing to do.

  • Music

One thing a Dance Party can’t go without is music. We play an eclectic variety of different dances — from Foxtrot to Swing and Waltz to Salsa from different artists — from Nat King Cole to Michael Bublé, from Ella Fitzgerald to Barbara Streisand, or from “Journey” to “Imagine Dragons”. You get to practice your dancing to music you may not hear during your lessons. All our songs are preselected, and we use only G-rated versions.

  • Dance Instructors

Our friendly staff of professional teachers will be ready to assist you, dance with you, or demonstrate a specific move (individually or to a group) and you may even follow them for an easy routine.

So next time when your teacher invites you to a Social Dance Party what are you going to say? That’s right: “Let’s go and let’s dance a lot!”. 🙂

At Dance A Lot we look forward to you joining us for a lot of great dancing, socializing, and enjoyable experiences.

For more information on how to start dancing or to find out when is our next party, please check our website at www.dancealotballroom.com or call us at 201.663.4336

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