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5 Reasons Why Couples Need To Learn How to do Ballroom Dancing

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A strong relationship Takes Two To Tango (pun intended)! Imagine you’re at an event and dance music breaks out. Which of the following couples you think will have more fun — the one who dances or the one sits on the sidelines? Now, imagine the person on the dancefloor has been taking dance lessons — do you think that this would give them an advantage if they’ve learned how to turn, recognize the music and how to do a dazzling dip? Dancing together creates a special moment and taking dance lessons as a couple has tremendous advantages. Here are a few:

1. Being invited to a wedding, party, sweet sixteen, etc. means that there most certainly will be music. And where there is music there’s dancing. Why waste a groovy Cha Cha or jazzy Foxtrot by just standing and watching instead of swaying together in harmony and enjoying a great time together? Learning how to ballroom dance will give you the confidence to invite your loved one on the dance floor and seize the moment to enjoy the music together.

2. Going to the gym and keeping your body in shape is excellent, but consider how much more fun it would be to shred a calorie or 400 by doing the Salsa together with your loved one? Dancing can be a great way to enhance and maintain your overall health while having a wonderful time as a couple, sparkling together. (in dancing we don’t call it sweating, we call it sparkling 😀 )

3. You’ve heard the expression “dancing on a cloud”? There is a reason for that. When you know how to dance well, it feels as if you’re not stepping on the ground but as if you’re moving on soft clouds — so at ease, so free. Learning how to dance to the beat of the music, how to correctly lead or follow puts you in a state of mind that allows you to forget about the everyday worries and gives you a sense of relaxation and comfort. Looking into each other’s eyes and embracing one another in a closed hand hold makes ballroom dancing an activity that can rekindle and sustain your loving relationship.

4. Marriage itself is a dance — one leads, one follows (we won’t get into discussion who does what :D) Since good dancing requires both partners to improve their leading and following skills in order to create a smooth and harmonious movement, those same skills can then be applied in the real world, sharpening your family union. As it is said in the song: “What is gonna work, TEAMWORK!” And dancing can help make the teamwork more successful.

5. Dear men, as much as you don’t like to dance, your wives do! We all know that happy wife makes happy life, so when it comes to dance lessons the correct answer should be: “Yes dear.” You’ll never regret spending time together with your wife, seeing her laughing, smiling, feeling great, spinning, turning and glowing from the enjoyment of moving together as one with her loving husband. Embrace her closely, look her in the eyes and ask “Shall we?” (rose in the mouth is optional). At Dance A Lot we’ll take care of the details. Just call us or email us for your special introductory offer and we’ll be ready to help you Find The Dancer In You.

Dance A Lot gives you an option to choose the format of private of group dance lessons. Your lessons will be customized by your unique needs and we will guide you every step of the way, teaching you how to dance together as a couple.

Author: Georgi Kanev (co-owner of Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio)

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