★ The Ballroom Dance Floor is an Exciting Place to Be

Ballroom dancing with Adriana and Georgi has changed our lives. Watching a performance by this enchanting and creative duo is pure delight. But dancing a showcase, a competition or just a regular lesson with them is incredible fun! From start to finish it's an adventure; you find yourself reaching new heights of dancing accomplishment greater than ever expected, while learning new steps and technique you never thought possible. That's been our experience for more than three years. When we started we were the average couple with little dance experience. We took group lessons where we met newfound friends. We took individual lessons which brought us to a whole new level of learning and confidence. And when we moved on to participate in competitions together, the comradery among the dance students was indeed special and something we'll always remember. We've found that the ballroom dance floor is an exciting place to be -- anything can happen and when it does, it's usually great!

Patti and Joe Gorman,