★ Special and Creative

My wife and I had no dancing experience prior to meeting with Georgi and Adriana. We also had a tight schedule and began training only about two months before the wedding. We knew we wanted to do something more special and creative, but couldn't come up with it on our own. DALBS did just that for us. Adriana created a mixed audio with our favorite song (Feel So Close by Calvin Harris), which then became the theme song for the wedding.They were able to incorporate a mixture of elegant slower dance choreography which then smoothly flowed into more of a club song. Georgi came up with the entire choreography on his own and it was truly amazing. Everyone was stunned and loved it. We still hear our friends and family talk about our first dance. You can find it on Youtube under Our First Dance Feel So Close. Both, Georgi and Adriana were really easy to work with and were patient with us in terms of going over the choreography and going over each step in detail. It was such a pleasure to work with both of them as they saw were our strengths were and leveraged those to make the dance even more so special. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone for their First Dance, whether it be more simple and classy or creative and fancy. Our short bus commute from Manhattan was totally worth it every week!

Alexander Slavtchev,