What do you use to broadcast the online classes?

All our online lessons use Zoom.us.

How do I join the Zoom class?

When you register for your class, you’ll receive a link to join. Clicking the provided link will automatically download Zoom to your computer.

To watch the online classes on your mobile device, you will need to download the Zoom app. 

I can’t see or hear anything

If you’re unable to see or hear our online class, quit the Zoom application, then click the invite link to log back in.

For the MacBook user: Shut the Macbook down and restart. Macs appear to have a tendency for their cameras to not work if left on for a long time. 

For the Android device user: Give camera permission to the app when it starts up. The Zoom application needs permission to access the camera. This can be changed by going to the device settings, then application settings, and finally app permissions.

If you continue experiencing issues, please contact us.

I’d like to watch the Zoom class on a mobile device

You can view our Zoom classes on your mobile device by downloading the Zoom app. Your mobile device must meet the technical requirements for Zoom listed below.

Technical requirements

Please ensure your device and browser meets Zoom's technical requirements.