Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio offer a special Introductory Program for all our new students. Contact the studio to make an appointment for your first lesson. 

We offer a trial class for all children. Please check the schedule to choose which is the most appropriate class for your child and fill up the form or call us to book his/her trial class. 

All our lessons – private and group are 40 (forty) minutes in length (with exception of our Rising Stars Class for children ages 3-5 and our Introductory Program for Adults.

One to One Lessons will help you learn more than you ever thought possible. First, we’ll teach you the basic elements, and we’ll show you how to do a few basic steps in your favorite dances. Than we’ll work with you to create a curriculum tailored to your dancing goals, learning style and experience level. Benefits of private instruction include:

  • You have your own private instructor or instructors
  • The focus is 100 % on you
  • Lessons are custom tailored to your needs
  • You can choose your own program & dances
  • You’ll learn at your own pace
  • Precise work on your individual styling of each dance
  • Perfecting the new steps you learned in your group class

Excellent addition to private lessons, group lessons are designed to teach and improve your technique, and improving your basic lead & following skills by dancing with a variety of partners. Benefits include:

  • Learning new steps and technique
  • Fun social atmosphere
  • Meeting new friends

Absolutely. More than 80 % of our students are taking their lessons by themselves without a partner. Your teacher is your partner.

Our advice is to wear something comfortable. If you are just starting your lessons best way to come for your lessons is to imagine you’re going for a night out – dress nicely and not over the top. No gym clothes please. We also recommend avoiding wearing jeans and sneakers. Jeans restrict movement and sneakers are hard to turn on because of their rubber soil.

Ballroom dance shoes are mandatory for all children. They can be purchased at the studio.

Girls attire: any color ballroom practice dress. Leggings and tights are optional. Long hair should be pulled up in a ponytail. No jewelry or head pieces are allowed. 

Boys attire: dark pants and a tee shirt. 

Yes. Our business hours are Monday – Friday from 12 noon to 9 pm and weekends by appointment. We will work with your schedule and teacher availability to schedule your lesson.

A standing appointment is a spot with your teacher/s in our schedule that is locked just for you. No one can take it from you so we ask kindly to not miss your lessons, because it’s hard to rebook it. On a very rear cases if we really need that spot we might ask you to help us out and move your lesson to another time so we can accommodate the schedule.

Private Lessons (Adults/Kids)– If you’re unable to keep your appointment we kindly ask you to notify the studio 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for your lesson/s.

Group Classes (Kids) – Group Classes can’t be cancelled but can be made up within two weeks of absence.

Group classes (Adults) – Cancellation policy depends on the level of the class.

Perfect opportunity to practice all your old and new moves that you’ve learned in your lessons. Benefits include:

  • Socializing and practicing in a friendly environment
  • Have a professional teacher practice with you a dance or two, or dance with a fellow student
  • Enjoy dancing to great music
  • Meeting new friends

Take your dancing to a new level – learn a solo dance! 

P.S. Due to Covid 19 are social parties are postponed to a future date

A showcase is a custom choreographed dance on a specially chosen song or mixture of songs that is performed by three of more partners.

A solo is a custom choreographed dance on a specially chosen song or mixture of songs that is performed by two partners.

  • Pick your song or a mixture of songs
  • Our professional DJ will edited and put the song/s together for you in the accepted by NDCA time frame
  • A professional choreographer will design a special routine just for you
  • Memorize and learn your routine
  • Perform your custom choreographed dance on stage or at some of our fun events in front of family and friends
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